Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Side-Whatever: A Lexicon of Labor


Easy enough, nothing fancy, but, then, we developed a function called the SideNote. Y'know, a "Cliff Note" type of function to aggregate and pull summaries of basic info together.

And then there was the SideTrack, which would lead to the SideNote and to the SideLink (hyperlink) and to the SideStop (gateway to nothing). Not to mention the SideBar, our rollover function.

And all of a sudden we saw a trend going and so kept on going. We introduced the SideView, a navigable thumbnail of the map and, most recently, possibly our coup de gras, the SideTweet (see the screenshot), an aggregation of all Twitter feeds associated with a map presented through a ticker-type presentation.

And don't worry, we are sure there will be more to come as we develop new functionality or just find a better term for existing functionality. Feel free to offer any suggestions below, some we've already identified as potential additions to SideStreet's lexicon:
  • SideCar
  • SideSwipe
  • SideDoor
  • SideStep
A little bit of fun amongst the grind...

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