Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year Resolutions

So we all hate them, but here in the life of the startup I figure every chance I have to set some goals and actually achieve them is a good thing. And everyone loves a Top 10 list and in blending the two I figure not only will I make this more fun for you to read, but also more fun for me to write!

Without further ado, here we go:

1) Invoice. It's amazing what cash in the bank can do for the corporate ego!
2) Invoice. Did I say that already?
3) Launch targeted PR & marketing within the vertical industries of some of our initial (and hopefully satisfied) clients.
4) Get Jason an iPhone. I'm pretty sure it kills Jason every time we get together and I wing out my mobile Mac platform and start buzzing away on it.
5) Get more clients (I'm pretty sure this will be a regular on this list every year).
6) Start an advisory board.
7) Develop an iPhone application (and if Jason doesn't have an iPhone by then I will really be in trouble).
8) Have a board meeting in some remote, exotic location at the expense of the taxpayers (oh, sorry, letting my cynicism get to me).
9) Leverage Brian's presence in the Bay area to strike a strategic relationship with a number of venture capitalists, Google and Yahoo.
10) Have fun and continue to never let go of the dream.

Poke fun, have at it, but that is what my brain told my fingers to write and I'm sticking by whatever I just wrote (I promise to read them later).

Happy New Year!

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