Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now this is the life of the Oregon entrepreneur

So in the course of sales, research, reviewing the work of a potential
new partner I get a missed phone call from my soccer buddy Cliff...
Then an email... Then a text... Then another phone call (which I
strategically avoid until ready to deal with this urgent matter).

So I call:
Sean: hey cliffie it's goose what's up?
Cliff: want to run hood to coast?
Sean: (stunned silence)
Cliff: (patient silence)
Sean: I guess I have a few weeks to train
Cliff: it's next week
Sean: (stunned silence)
Cliff: we're running leg 5
Sean: isn't that the toughest leg?
Cliff: 2nd toughest
Sean: I'll start training tonight... Crap

So as the photo will attest this begins my cramming for hood to coast.
If you don't know HTC then you are not an Oregonian...

Thus the distractions that are uniquely Oregon. I now must fold daily
training into my regimen of trying to build a business.

Day 1 is done. Mission accomplished as the Toadies reverberate in my
ears and I suck wind with the Dunniway track all to myself.

Stay tuned for more...

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