Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Pain No Gain

Normally I completely believe in that saying. And in the entrepreneurial world, I would say that there is a lot of pain, and therefore a lot of gain.
However, when training for an event that is far beyond what one week of solid training can really prepare you for, a sense of pragmatism descends and casts an almost comical "how the heck did I get here?" light on the situation.
And so, in my endeavour to train to the greatest extent possible, I believe I am, but I added a day off (or two) to ensure that I didn't actually have a complete physical breakdown before the race. iTunes can only carry your momentum so far and after that, the proverbial wall hits hard and fast. I felt the wall coming, and so the gift of age (wisdom) allowed me to sidestep the wall and enjoy some beers, some burgers and some bull$*!^ at Bridgeport Brewery.
Speaking of no pain no gain, SideStreet welcomed a new team member tonight. Say hello to Tony. I think his nickname will be Frodo (this is based on his last name... makes you wonder). He had to drive up from Corvallis, which, after many jaunts up and down I-5 to Salem and back, I can understand that pain.
The team (Jason and Brian) liked what they saw and it will be interesting to see what Tony can do with our web-based interface (which is a lot farther behind than we would like it to be).
I will make my last training run tomorrow. I'm thinking a 5-6 miler through Forest Park. Thursday is a rest day as Friday is race day. I think this will be Hood to Coast #15. Geez I'm old... Geez I'm sore... I'm going to have a little cheeze with this wine.

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