Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup 2010 - Week 1 Review

So in the midst of what has so far been a fairly predictable World Cup, today's Mexico-France result presented us with a good idea of how things will turn out for Group A (c'est la vis!) and Group B. It’s good to see smiles and laughs when it comes to the water cooler chat around the World Cup.

We have created a SideTweet of World Cup twitter feeds including CNN, FIFA, World Cup Bloggers and Team USA (surprisingly, not a lot of teams have officially adopted Twitter as a communications tool). You can visit this World Cup digest here.

For those of you who are relatively unsure of what the group play means to your chances of your team winning it all is, here is a quick run-down and with my predictions on how things will play out for those groups who are at least two games in (note, in group play the first tie-breaker is goal differential, goals scored vs. goals allowed):

Group A (Sean’s prediction – Mexico & Uruguay):
Mexico – Tie or win vs. Uruguay they are through
Uruguay – Tie or win vs. Mexico they are through
France – If Mexico vs. Uruguay is a tie, they are out, must beat South Africa by at least two goals and hope that Uruguay loses by 3 or more or Mexico loses by 2 or more
South Africa – Thanks for hosting…

Group B (Sean’s prediction – Argentina & South Korea):
Argentina – In It To Win It. Messi could take over the tourney…
South Korea – A win or tie against Nigeria should get them through…
Greece – Does anyone really think they are going to beat Argentina? Well, actually, they may if Argentina rests some of its stars. If Greece does pull it off, pressure is on South Korea!
Nigeria – Silly, silly red card. Another African nation’s hopes dashed…

Group C (Sean's prediction - still early but England and the USA):
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And Algeria is totally going to dominate the rest of the tournament!!!

The rest of the groups only have one game on the books but more to come.

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